ICARUS4all exhibition-trip to Znaim @ South Moravian Museum/Minorite Monastery
Nov 24 @ 15:00 – 17:00


South Moravian Museum / Minorit Monastery

Special exhibition “drent & herent. Zum Leben an der Grenze”


The Friends Association ICARUS4all takes the opportunity of the current special exhibition to offer its members an exclusive guided-tour through the exhibition and the Minorite Monastery by the Czech historian Dr. Kacetl!

The special exhibition is a joint project of the museum together with the city museum Hollabrunn. Get more information about the South Moravian Museum here.

This exhibition is about the border area of the district Hollabrunn (Lower Austria) and Znojmo in the Czech Republic. It focuses on the time between 1848 (end of manorial system) and today. In the heart of the presentation stand continuity and change of the political, cultural and economic relationship. The inhabitans of the border area went through the raise and fall of five political systems. The exhibition covers topics like majestic and church architecture, cellar lanes, viticulture, industry and tourism and gives an insight about the influence of the Iron Curtain and The Velvet Revolution (source:

Infos about the exhibition “drent & herent”  (Czech). The event language is German.

Time schedule:

Arrival and departure: individually (Map)

Start and meeting point of the guided-tour: 15.00 at the main entrance of the Minorite Monastery, Přemyslovců 6, Znaim (duration aproximately 1,5 to 2 hours)

Entrance-fee for the museum: 2 Euro (40 Czech Koruna) bzw. 1,5 Euro (38 Czech Koruna) for persons older than 65

We ask for your binding registration until 23rd November!


ICARUS4all-excursion @ Archiv der Erzdiözese Salzburg
Jun 22 @ 10:45 – 16:30

The friends-association ICARUS4all offers its members an excursion to the

Archive of the Archdiocese Salzburg (Austria)



Short info about the archive

The archive of the archdiocese Salzburg is located at the Kardinal-Schwarzberg-Haus since May 2006. It’s an “One-House-Solution”, which means that all functional areas are beneath the same roof: on three floors with a total area of 2.000 square metres you find 9.600 linear metres of archive material in five magazines. They date back to the 12th century. The first systematization took place after the unrest according to the peasants revolt in 1525. The collection of documents nowadays includes 3.600, and the graphics-, plans-, and photo-collection include more than 30.000 exhibits in total.

To the highlights rank the documents from the “Dommusikverein and Mozarteum“, matrices with records from W.A. Mozart or C. Dopper, some “Mozartianas” and records about the forced displacement of the protestants in 1731/1732. The modern archive fulfills several tasks, e.g an art inventory of church-owned art treasure, or the development of a people database about public individuals who had any relations to Salzburg from 1500 until now.

More information (DE) about the Archive of the Archdiocese Salzburg.

Infos about the excursion

The participants receive an exclusive guided-tour through the archive by director Thomas Mitterecker. He gives you a fascinating insight to the different areas and tells you all about the characteristics, working-methods and challenges.

Thereafter, the participants have the possibility to gain more and specific information about the usage of the archive.

After lunch in a cosy restaurant close to the archive, we organised for those who are also interested in local and contemporary history a guided-tour through the special exhibition “Anschluss, Krieg & Trümmer – Salzburg und sein Museum im Nationalsozialismus” at the “Neue Residenz” (Salzburg Museum).

The event-language is GERMAN. It is commonly organised by the archive of the archdiocese Salzburg and ICARUS4all.

Arrival and departure have to be organised independently.


  • 10.45 to 12.15: Archive-tour guided by Dr. Thomas Mitterecker
  • 12.15 to 12.30: Break
  • 12.30 to 13.30: Presentation & questions about the use of the archive
  • 13.45 to 15.00: Lunch at Gasthaus “Zwettler’s” (opt.)
  • 15.30 to 16.30: Guided-tour (opt.) through the special exhibition “Anschluss, Krieg & Trümmer: Salzburg und sein Museum im Nationalsozialismus” at the Salzburg Museum (“Neue Residenz”)

We kindly ask for your binding registration until Monday, 18th June. We look forward to see you!

(Deutsch) ICARUS4all Exkursion Bratislava @ Bratislava
Jun 14 @ 10:00 – 16:00

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(Deutsch) ICARUS4all Exkursion nach Königinhof a.d. Elbe @ Königinhof an der Elbe/ Dvůr Králové nad Labem
Sep 20 @ 13:00 – Sep 22 @ 18:30

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10 Jahre Matricula – Festveranstaltung @ Bildungshaus St. Hippolyt
Nov 2 @ 11:00 – 18:00

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Conference: The art of preserving culture @ Wien
Nov 14 @ 14:30 – Nov 15 @ 16:00

The event is at the same time the closing conference (fourth conference) of the international research initiative ‘En route to a shared identity. Sources on the history of Central Europe in the Digital Age’, led by Adelheid Krah (University of Vienna/AT).The international team, whose members are renowned scholars working at universities and archives in the field of research and teaching in Austria as well as in neighbouring countries of Austria, has existed since 2014 and is explicitly addressing the question of conservation and preservation of culture in the Central European and European area.

As it apparently becomes more difficult, despite the digitization and the opening of borders, to preserve the right of people on culture, cultural networking and the traditionally connecting construction of a shared identity, within this final conference also the study of music as another discipline as well as the dimension of the art of the interpretation of a piece will be included. To the existing co-operations of the working team comes a further collaboration with the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna. We are looking forward to this!

At the conference, next to numerous talks on new topics and issues also two pieces will be presented:

  •  the in the Vandenhoeck&Ruprecht publishers as well as in the Böhlau publishing house issued edited volume of the conference in November 2017 ‘Sources, neighbourhood, community. En route to a shared cultural history of Central Europe’, ed. A. Krah (Wien, Köln, Weimar 2019, 302 p.),
  • the new CD ‘postscriptum B. – Beethoven-Katzer-Kontraste’ with cello sonatas by L. v. Beethoven and G. Katzer (interpreters J.-U. Krah, B. Parz) in a concert at the MKU Vienna at the occasion of the coming Beethoven year.

All contributions of the conference will again be released in an edited form on the blog ‘En route to a shared identity’, link: and published until February 2020 online. At this point, the team will lay down its collaborative work until further notice.

Conference language: GERMAN




Friends´ association ICARUS4all – General Assembly 29th October 2020 @ ONLINE
Oct 29 @ 16:00 – 18:00

This year´s general assembly will take place online virtually.

ICARUS4all members only can take part after having registered in the following form.

After your registration you are going to receive a registration link for logging in na few days in advance of the meeting.

Sollten Sie Vorschläge zur Tagesordnung oder zur Neuwahl haben, dann tragen Sie diese bitte hier ein / In case of proposals regarding the agenda or election proposal please enter your ideas here
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(Deutsch) ICARUS4all: “Matricula hinter den Kulissen” @ Online
Mar 19 @ 18:00 – 19:00

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(Deutsch) ICARUS4all: Tschechische Archive und Bibliotheken
Jun 18 @ 18:00 – 19:30

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(Deutsch) ICARUS4all Online-Veranstaltung: Crowdsourcing
Sep 17 @ 19:00 – 20:00

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