Online Portals

The ICARUS network is steadily expanding and advancing towards greater international cooperation and involvement in more projects.

Our online platforms, which greatly benefit the community, are the result of our joint forces. All of the platforms are content creating works in progress that make accessible to the general public digitized and indexed archival documents.


Monasterium.Net is Europe’s virtual charters archive. This online portal with more than 500.000 medieval and early modern charters provided by more than 100 institutions from 15 European countries makes research independent of time and place — research ranging from indexing of charters to using the provided information in educational environments.

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Clearly, the church registers of the individual religious communities are among the most used and also best explored historical sources that exist. This portal opens an innovative and service-oriented way for accessing those invaluable historical sources on a cross-border and interdenominational basis.

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The ambition of the Topotheque is to make historic heritage available via the Internet and App including all the advantages offered by an up-to-date database indexation: search options for key words, dates and location. This way, it is just as easy to answer the question “What did the house on street xy in our village look like 30 years ago” or to search for “Dirndl 1955 – 1960 near Vienna”. As a virtual collection, the Topotheque is expandable as desired, does not have to meet editorial deadlines, nor a maximum number of pages.

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ArchivNet is a consortium of Austrian archives that aim to connect their inventories and make the data accessible worldwide. This is done through the provision and maintenance of the necessary technical, legal and administrative infrastructure. ArchivNet is open to all archival information systems and also enables archives, which lack their own infrastructure to share their data online.

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