Agenda 2023

The ICARUS Agenda 2023 team held 3 meetings during Summer 2021, to define key strategies and activities of ICARUS and prepare a sustainable environment for ICARUS’ future.

Agenda 2023 task force is divided into 3 working groups:

  • WG 1 – Communication and events

ICARUS information and dissemination activities continue on:

A series of online-events has been launched in September, the schedule of Online Lectures, Portal presentations and ICARUS Jour Fixe will be announced on all our platforms. Members are warmly invited to contribute to the program with presentations or hosting a Jour Fixe, as well as with new articles for the European Archival Blog!
Please contact

  • WG 2 – Projects applications

Coordinated by Vlatka Lemić, with the support of ICARUS Croatia. The team could submit two project applications within the framework of Creative Europe Calls in August/September. The team is monitoring upcoming calls. Are you interested in submitting a project proposal?
Please contact Vlatka Lemić:

  • WG 3 – Portals and Platforms

Within the next months, Monasterium will undergo a deep renewal and updating action, coordinated by Prof. Georg Vogeler, thanks to funding of DFG and Graz University. Some platform presentations will be held within the events schedule.

ICARUS Ambassadors

Within Agenda 2023, the team launches a call for ICARUS AMBASSADORS, whose main function will be to support partners and expand the network in all European countries and regions.
What is ICARUS and what should an ICARUS Ambassador do? More information to be found here.

For more information you can contact the ICARUS-Team –