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The ICARUS magazine insights aims at shedding light on not only the host of institutions which make up the international network of ICARUS, but also the people in the ICARUS4all community. insights bridges and aggregates the experiences and knowledge of both spheres and strives to inform them of each other by closely cooperating with the archival community that consists of archival institutions and their users alike.

The cover story, interviews, project presentations, ICARUS partner presentations, scientific articles andf news from the ICARUS4all community span the multi-faceted arc across both worlds.

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Conditions of purchase

Membership in the Friends Association ICARUS4all entitles to an automatic free subscription. The magazine is issued bi-annually (April/October).

Membership in the International Centre for Archival Research ICARUS as institution entitles to an automatic free subscription as well.

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If you have any ideas on possible articles for the magazine or would like to give feedback, please don´t hesitate to contact Kerstin Muff (Editor-in-chief).