We unite archival and scientific institutions in order to help them join forces independently of national borders.

How it all began….

The seed of ICARUS began to sprout and grow initially as a small, regionally focused digitization project, and quickly extended beyond its own intended perimeter, eventually flourishing into an unforeseen community of various archives and scientific institutions. It turned out that this community not only had to confront digitization, but also the issues and challenges brought forth by the fast advancing technologies of the Digital Era. It is obvious that rising to the challenges of the Digital Era as a community, which shares each others’ experiences and has common infrastructure and resources based on the principles of synergy, is much more effective than having to progress on one’s own. Therefore ICARUS, on the one hand, acts as a platform for Work Groups in various fields of archival activities resp. runs joint portals such as MonasteriumMatricula and the Topotheque, and, on the other hand, collaborates for the promotion of basic infrastructure like the Archives Portal Europe.