ICARUS HRVATSKA (Croatia) is a non-profit association dedicated to the research of historical sources, the promotion of the open access to archives through new IT technologies and the development of cross-institutional and international cooperation in in the culture, science and GLAM professionals’ activities field. Officially founded in 2016, nowadays gathers more than 135 members (professionals and institutions) with long-time experience in the Creative Europe, ERASMUS+ and other similar projects and international infrastructure professional activities (DARIAH, ICARUS, TMO, ICA/EURBICA, AERI), as well through the various professional and educational programs.

ICARUS HRVATSKA work is focused on the promotion of best professional archival and heritage practices and EU cultural and information society politics, coordination and fostering of ICARUS projects and programs in Croatia, as well as on the collaboration, networking and transfer of knowledge in the cultural heritage sector and starting new complementary activities.

ICARUS HRVATSKA activities involved the publishing of a magazine @rhivi and professional editions, work on the on-line platforms (Topotheque, Znameniti.hr) and digitization of archival material and heritage sources, as well as organization of public lectures, seminars and workshops on various archival and GLAM issues for general public and professionals.

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