The MOMAthon is …

… an online event in which many people interested in historical documents all around the world help to enhance the world’s largest database of medieval and early modern charters.

This re-ocurring event is made possible by the EU-funded project “community as opportunity” (co:op). contains many documents with incomplete description: There are documents with automatically created descriptions which contain errors and documents missing an indication of a machine readable date. Furthermore there are often only short descriptions but no transcriptions.

The Tasks

With the MOMAthon we would like to ask you for help with the two following tasks, one of them easily to be accomplished by everybody (1), and one for those with a deeper interest in charters, e.g. together with a university teacher (2).

  1. Add dates to document descriptions we extracted from Google Books scans
  2. Add full descriptions and transcriptions to documents with restricted data.

Win a ICARUS4all membership

The user with the most amendments to has proven to be a true enthusiast. Therefore ICARUS4all, the associations of friends of, will include the winner into its ranks and grant a one year membership free of charge.


The next of these events take place 30 November 2017 – on your computer at home. If you aren’t yet registered in, you can do it now. Then log in and go to MOMAthon in the left menu in your private archive MyArchive. You will find descriptions of the tasks and tutorials on how to use the online editor of You can access the MOMAthon page directly.

Contact and Support

We offer direct support for all participants in our discord channel. Chat with us about all your questions regarding the MOMathon.

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