Digital infrastructure

Open-source and its jointly¬†archive build on a number of technologies. First and foremost, it’s technical foundation lies in the Extensible Markup Language XML in combination with HTML5 and Javascript. The website, archive and editor built on the open-source XML Database eXist that is used to house both the software as well as the documents with their metadata. To provide users with a convenient browsing experience, HTML5 code provided by the database is enriched with Javascript in the client browser.

The software was initially designed and developed at the institute for Historical-Cultural Information Processing at the University of Cologne/DE. Since the beginning of 2014, development is being continued as open-source on GitHub. Contributions are welcome!

To ensure compatibility and easy maintenance as well as sustainability, MOM-CA uses the established metadata standards EAG, EAD as well as CEI to encode information on the archives, fonds and charters in it’s database.

More information can be accessed in the project Wiki on Github.