Would you like to publish charters belonging to your institution on Please read the text below for more information.StAStP_B-UK_66_15001218_r  itself is a neutral platform. It adheres to the principle that each participating/providing institution is to maintain full autonomy:

  • retain all copyright and patent rights
  • responsibility for quality and quantity of descriptive metadata

Requirements for participation

  • Descriptive metadata in a specified minimum amount (date, signatory)
  • Digital images of the documents, stored on a Web server

The process of data import

  1. Check of the descriptive metadata by basically all types and formats of structured data (XML, Word, txt, csv, excel, access, etc.) can be applied. The data used in standards are based on CIE (Charters Encoding Initiative) and EAD (Encoded Archival Description). You can download a sample file in Excel format for quick import of data here.
  2. Feedback to the providing institution, which adaptations for import are yet necessary.
  3. Definition of the web server for the images: this can be any web server. provides the necessary space to those institutions that have no such infrastructure – on request, even free of charge.
  4. After adjustment of the metadata and storage of images on a web server (by the respective institution) the descriptive Metadata is imported in the test system of (“sandbox”).
  5. Here the correct display of the data can be reviewed before they are transferred to the live-system.
  6. If desired, an agreement can be signed between ICARUS as a carrier of the platform and the participating institution.

Services of ICARUS

Digitisation of the originals: Our scanning team comes to your place and performs the work on a cost reimbursement basis.

Metadata: In case you cannot provide the descriptive metadata in a standards-compliant form, ICARUS will assist you in working out a project to this effect.

Information contact

Are you interested in participating or do you have any further questions?

Then please contact the project manager of, Daniel Jeller.