A. Ambrosio awarded honorary citizenship Vitulano

Our Vice President and coordinator of our Monasterium South Italy work group Antontella Ambrosio from the University of Naples Federico II was awarded honorary citizenship of Vitulano for her past and on-going research activities on the charters of the abbey S. Maria della Grotta of Vitulano. In effect, the abbey’s charters are integrated in our joint project Monasterium.Net and also in a specific sub-project within the ENArC-project activities! Click here to learn more about the project.

Antonella Ambrosio is a key member within our ICARUS network, eagerly and knowleadgeably pursuing our shared goal to support archives in facing the challanges of the Digital Age. Surely, without her expertise and unfailing dedication, Monasterium.Net wouldn´t be where it is today.

Congratulations from all of us!


In the photo: Raffaele Scarinzi, mayor of Vitulano; Maria Rosaria Falcone, member of Monasterium South Italy work group, Antonella Ambrosio, Vice President of ICARUS and coordinator of Monasterium South Italy work group