Welcome DHLAB!

It is an honor to welcome the Digital Humanities Laboratory in Lausanne (CH) as new member in the ICARUS network.

16a Thomas Aigner and Frédéric Kaplan_Credit Andrea Siegl

Thomas Aigner (ICARUS) and Frédéric Kaplan (DHLAB) © Andrea Siegl

We sure had been lucky to win over Frédéric Kaplan from the Digital Humanities Laboratory (DHLAB) als keynote speaker at our last conference “Archival Cooperation and Community Building in the Digital Age” at  Břevnovský klášter (Břevnov Archabbey) in Praha (CZ). His exciting presentation of the “Venice Time Maschine Project” undoubtedly captured many of the conference participants – luckily for all of us: this get-together revealed common interests and objectives between the DHLAB and the ICARUS consortium which is why there are already further, mutually beneficial plans for close cooperation in the making and we are happy to to welcome the DHLAB to ICARUS!

For further information on the DHLAB, continue to their website here.