Charters from Novi Sad

Charters from Novi Sad on Monasterium

The Historical Archive of the city of Novi Sad was founded in 1954. The Archive is responsible to protect the material and records belonging not only to the city itself but also the municipalities of Titel, Zabalj, Temerin, Vrbas, Backa Palanka, Backi Petrovac, Beocin and Sremski Karlovci.

The charters now online on the Monasterium portal are mainly from fond #1 “Magistrat of Free Royal city of Novi Sad”. The documents bare witness to the cohabitation of different nationalities (Serbs, Germans, Armenians) in these regions and emphasize the importance of the river Danube as the major trade road. The newest documents is from fond #150 (Мunicipal Authority of Novi Sad) and is related to the legacy of the Great War.

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