Topotheque day

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On 07. November 2014 you will have the chance to experience first-hand reports and narratives at the NV-Forum der NÖ Versicherung (Neue Herrengasse 10, 3109 St. Pölten) from Topotheque carriers of individual Topotheques in Lower Ausrtria.

Additionally, there will be a special topotheque day on 08. November 2014 at the Bildungshaus St. Hippolyt (Eybnerstraße 5, 3100 St. Pölten), enabling topotheque carriers to exchange experiences and know-how.

The event will be in German.

Click here for the detailed programme.

The Topotheque is the platform, where with the help of the population the local, historically relevant material and knowledge which is kept in private hands is being secured, indexed and made visible online.