Nuns and Monks — Prosopographic interfaces

NAMPI was a product of the project NAMPI – Nuns and Monks – Prosopographical Interfaces, conducted between 2019 and 2021 as part of the go!digital Next Generation grant programme by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. [page archived at

NAMPI was presented to the public at a “Geschichte am Mittwoch” lecture at the University of Vienna in November 2021. The slides from this presentation, which introduced many aspects of the project, can still be accessed for further insight: download

Download final data dump

The state of the RDF data at the official end of the project has been made publicly available. It is downloadable and can be reused/remixed from the following GitHub repository: NAMPI final data dump

Download the code

The code of the whole project can be accessed through the projects’ GitHub Organisation.


The following individuals contributed to the development of NAMPI:

University of Vienna, Institute for History

  • Irene Rabl
  • MMag. Patrick Fiska

International Centre for Archival Research

  • Mag. Daniel Jeller

Universität Graz, Centre for Information Modelling

  • Sebastian Stoff, MA

External contractors

  • Mag.a Andrea Singh Bottanova, MA
  • Mag.a Manuela Mayer, MA
  • Stephan Makowski, MA

Thank you

A special thank you goes out to all those who contributed to NAMPI with help, suggestions, and other assistance. Among them are:

  • Dr. Mag. Thomas J.J. Wallnig, Privatdoz. MAS
  • Prof. P. DDr. Alkuin Schachenmayr OCist
  • The entire VieCPro team
  • Barbara Kröger, MA and the Germania Sacra team
  • Walpurga Oppeker