ICARUS Hrvatska presenting the project “CREARCH” at the “Creative Synergies” event in Varaždin/HR

Vlatka Lemić of ICARUS Hrvatska takes part in the “Creative Synergies” event on August 29th in Varaždin/HR, presenting the project “CREARCH – CReative European ARCHives as innovative cultural hubs”, funded within the Creative Europe programme. The main purpose of the CREARCH Project is to develop a European network of innovative cultural archives, to utilize and […]

The Sub-Directorate of Spanish State Archives joins ICARUS!

A great gain for our international community is the accession of the governing body of the Spanish state archives – the “Sub-Directorate General of State Archives” (Subdirección General de los Archivos Estatales). The institution is responsible for developing, directing and coordinating all actions aimed at custody, conservation and dissemination of documentary heritage, as part of […]

A Warm Welcome to the Archive “P. Francesco S.M. D’Aria SJ”

We are happy to announce the accession of the Archive “P. Francesco S.M. D’Aria SJ” to the ICARUS-network! The young archive (est. 2018)  hosts the written legacy of its founder P. Francesco Saverio Maria D’Aria (1889-1976), documenting the activities of the Order “Le Ausiliare della Madonna” on the peninsula Sorretina (Sant’Agata sui due golfi) near […]

Welcome Historical Data Center Saxony-Anhalt to ICARUS!

It is our pleasure to welcome the Historisches Datenzentrum Sachsen-Anhalt at the Marthin-Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg to our network. The Historical Data Center Saxony-Anhalt was founded in 2008. Its tasks are mainly in the computer-aided provision, processing and evaluation of historical sources and in the application and further development of methods in the context of eHumanties […]

Europa builds a Time Machine – Big Data of the Past turns into reality

The European Commission has chosen Time Machine as one of the six proposals retained for preparing large scale research initiatives to be strategically developed in the next decade. €1 million in funding has been granted for preparing the detailed roadmaps of this initiative that aims at extracting and utilising the Big Data of the past. […]