Archive material in the Middle East between menace and solidary support @ Bildungshaus St. Hippolyt
Nov 24 @ 09:00 – 12:00

International workshop

The current act of wars in Syria and Iraq post a devastating threat to the region’s cultural heritage, thus to the written archival records.

The ICARUS network consisting of more than 170 archival and academic institutions from all over the world shows solidarity with the colleagues that are relentlessly working on safe-guarding this cultural heritage in the current menacing circumstances.

This workshop aims at facilitating exchange between representatives from the ICARUS network and colleagues from Iraq on current developments and possibilities for future projects and cooperation. Engaging the latter into the activities of ICARUS and its members will offer the opportunity to become part of this community and thus profit from and take part in international knowledge and experience exchange as well as specific projects.


  • Najib Michael (Dominican Fathers Church, Paris): The rescue of archives and libraries in Mosul


  • Patriarch Louis Sako (Chaldean-catholic church, Baghdad)
  • Bishop Shlemon Warduni (Chaldean-catholic church, Baghdad)
  • István Kenyeres (Budapest City Archives, HU)
  • Patricia Engel (Danube University Krems, AT)

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ICARUS-Meeting #17 @ The Regional State Archives in Visby
May 23 – May 25 all-day

Transparency – Accessibility – Dialogue. How a creative archival landscape can effect society

The Regional State Archives in Visby is a department of the Swedish National Archive since 2010 and will host our ICARUS-Meeting #17 tackling major topics of the co:op project of how to sustainably and resourcefully bridge archives and the general public.

Early Tourist Brochure from Visby dated 1902. © Regional Archives Visby

Early Tourist Brochure from Visby dated 1902.
The Regional State Archives in Visby

The Archive has one of the largest photographic collection in Sweden and is located in the medieval Hanseatic Town of Visby on Gotland – the one and only popular Swedish island rich in medieval churches (92!), historical and natural sites.

And did you know that famous director, writer and producer Ingmar Bergman lived on Fårö just north of Gotland?


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Kindly supported by Region Gotland.


ICARUS-Meeting #18 @ Budapest City Archives
Oct 17 – Oct 19 all-day

Budapest_City_Archives2Our second ICARUS network meeting of 2016 will take place in Budapest, hosted by the Budapest City Archives (HU), co-organized by the National Archives of Hungary and ICARUS within the EU-funded project “community as opportunity (co:op)“.

This meeting combines a variety of interesting topics:
  • Within our “Newbies Carousel” we will welcome some of our latest members to the ICARUS network. It is an honour to have colleagues from so many different countries and institutions participate and thus giving our network the chance of deepening knowledge exchange and broaden the horizon of the future of archives in the digital age.
  • Our “Companies Market”, recently initiated within the Friends Association ICARUS4all, gives companies as corporate partners within ICARUS4all the space to present their services that support archival institutions on their path into the digital future and thus their adaption to new requirements on the part of society. Archival experts and company representatives can map out possible teamwork and future projects.
  • The international conference on “Hungaricana … and beyond” will introduce various aspects of the common website of Hungarian Archives, Museum and Libraries and lead on to further archival activities across Europe. “Hungaricana” is the common website of Hungarian Archives, Museums and Libraries will give valuable insights into the Hungarian Archival Landscape. “Hungaricana” is operated by the Library of the Parliament and aims to give access to the cultural heritage of Hungary through a single online access point. Amongst the over 100 content providers are also the Budapest City Archives, the National Archives of Hungary as well as the National Museum of Hungary.
  • The workshop session “Copyright issues concerning archiving and making available of digital heritage” – organized within the EU-funded project “co:op” – will specifically highlight those copyright issues that arise during archiving and provision of protected cultural property. In doing so, the relevant aspects of digitization or duplication of copyrighted works come to play an important role that needs to be explored. These cultural assets should subsequently be made publicly available in a digital format in order to ensure the widest possible distribution. However, this usage is another exclusive right of the rights holders of cultural property which is why this topic should also be discussed with a solution-oriented perspective.
  • Furthermore, the “co:op” project partners will come together in order to koordinate their project activities. Additionally, current project ideas within the ICARUS network will be progressed.

More information on the detailed programme available via the link below.




ICARUS-Meeting #19 @ National Archives of Estonia - Rahvusarhiiv
May 29 @ 13:00 – May 31 @ 00:00

co:operative Estonia



The host of the first ICARUS-Meeting of 2017 and also 5th partner meeting of the EU-funded project “co:op – community as opportunity” is the National Archives of Estonia in Tartu.


The event’s motto: “co:operative Estonia“.
The event’s location: The brand new archive’s building “Noora.

Within the meeting not only will the participants be able to learn more about the best of Estonian digital heritage projects as well as the National Archives’ best practices but also about cooperation projects across national borders. Furthermore, the event will inform on Estonian e-Resedency, a transnational digital identity, and how one can even apply for it.

Within the meeting, the ICARUS Didactics Group invites to a workshop on the Topotheques by the example of the Museum of Agricultural Sciences (MUSA) in Italy. More information on the workshop’s content is available here.

The meeting takes place in the cozy university town Tartu –  town of students, intellectuals and creatives.   We are happy to invite you to the brand new main building of the National Archives of Estonia which is situated in “Silicon Valley” of Tartu.

Click here to learn more about unique Estonia!

Come and spend some quality time with colleagues!

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ICARUS meeting #20 @ Complutense University Madrid
Oct 23 – Oct 25 all-day

3-2015-07-01-Marca UCM logo negroThe Age of Digital Technology: Documents, Archives and Society

Under the motto “The Age of Technology: Documents, Archives and Society” a wide range of speakers from the Iberian Peninsula will share their experiences and expertise with us. The spectrum of speakers is expanded by further presentations from colleagues of our ICARUS network. The conference promises a truly multi-facetted insight into current projects and developments of the European archival landscape in the digital age.

Furthermore, we will celebrate our 15th anniversary of Europe´s virtual charters archive – Monasterium with a talk show. Colleagues involved in the development of the Monasterium portal will take a look back at the beginnings and discuss options and plans for future developments.

Also, thanks to a cooperation with the Archives Portal Europe Foundation, we can offer a workshop for students within our meeting: On 24 October, Ana María López Cuadrado (Country Manager Archives Portal Europe, Ministerio de Educación Cultura y Deporte. Subdirección de los Archivos Estatales, ES) will conduct a workshop for students and scholars in Spanish, explaining how to conduct research using the Archives Portal Europe. As the largest online archives catalogue in the world, this Portal is a one-of-a-kind innovative tool for conducting archival research online: the Portal allows simultaneous research in hundreds of institutions throughout Europe, and it supports multilingual research.

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ICARUS meeting #21 @ National Archives of Finland (Kansallisarkisto)
Jun 4 – Jun 6 all-day

Taking Cultural Heritage Outside the Archives


Our ICARUS Meeting #21 will take place at the National Archives of Finland under the motto “Taking Cultural Heritage Outside the Archives”:


National Archives of Finland

In times of rapid technological developments and thus societal changes – especially shifting and adjustments of everyday activities and daily life choices especially in terms of using these modern technologies – archives not only have to keep up with the digital age but to even more importantly ensure a participatory outreach. This meeting will give insight into a variety of topics dealing with how to better connect with communities on the basis of digital technology opportunities.


7th co:op partner meeting

At the penultimate partner meeting of the EU-funded project “community as opportunity“, the project partners will be able to hold a resumé about their accomplishments and start into their next phase of preparing the project`s final event – the Film Festival which will take place at the Croatian National Archives in November 2018.


ICARUS Meeting #22 @ Società delle Scienze, Lettere e Arti di Napoli
Sep 24 @ 09:00 – Sep 26 @ 17:30

The ICARUS Meeting #22, hosted by the University of Naples Federico II (IT), will incorporate the second international convention of the EU-funded project “co:op (community as opportunity – the creative archives’ and users’ network)”. The motto of the entire event:

“Cooperation as Opportunity. Historical Documents, Research and Society in the Digital Era”.


The convention’s thematic priority

Thematic priority of the convention will be to discuss how societal changes of the Digital Era affect archive structures, research methods and the handling of historical documents and vice versa.
Not only do archives and historical documents of the Digital Era call for new (digital) research methods by scholars and teachers (hitherto traditional users of this cultural asset). What’s even more remarkable, today, archives are faced with completely new types of users (that have no specific scholarly background).

By tailoring the technological advancement of the Digital Era to the diversified needs of this new, heterogeneous audience, participatory user communities can be explored, served, activated and expanded.
How to reflect on these aspects? Through discussion, exchange, the sharing of experiences and the development of possible solutions and strategies!

The convention’s structure

The convention will act as a sharing place where professionals and user communities will have the possibility to present, discuss and share their ideas, visions and concrete projects, with the aim to prepare new partnerships, as well as the planning and implementation of common new projects.
During the three days of the convention there will be five sessions and equally as many round tables, which will become a unique opportunity for public discussions, actively engaging and encouraging the the participation of the audience.

The keynote “Big Data of the Past” by Frédéric Kaplan (DHLAB) will set the visionary tone of the convention and kick-off the first debate and round table “Big Data of the Past: Vision or Near Future?”

On a not to be overlooked side note: The convention will also celebrate the 10th anniversary of ICARUS – the network that has since its beginning spearheaded the digital advancement of the archive community.


8th co:op partner meeting

This event furthermore marks the final meeting of all partners of the co:op project. Within the administrative co:op meeting, concluding preparations for successfully finalizing the projects will be made.

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Click on the image below to enjoy a video introducing the many facettes of Naples:

ICARUS Convention #23 and 5th Croatian ICARUS Days @ Dom hrvatskih branitelja
Mar 27 – Mar 29 all-day

Interactive Archives:

Digital Challenges & Collaborative Networks

ICARUS Hrvatska together with ICARUS (International Center for Archival Research), the State Archives in Pazin and further partners organize the 5th Croatian ICARUS Days in conjunction with the ICARUS Convention #23 under the theme “Interactive Archives: Digital Challenges & Collaborative Networks”.

The conference will take place in Pula on the premises of the House of the Croatian Defenders (Dom hrvatskih branitelja) from 27-29 March 2019.

Registration Programme

Accommodation in Pula

For the participants of this event, special conditions have been arranged with two hotels:

Please contact your preferred hotel via e-mail and mention the promotion code “ICARUS19”.

The “House of the Croatian Defenders” in Pula, ca 1901.


ICARUS Convention #24 @ Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade
Sep 23 – Sep 25 all-day

Archives and Archival Research in the Digital Environment


CC BY-SA 3.0

Topics of this convention circle around digital platforms and digital research of archival sources, challenges of archives in the digital societies, international cooperation networks and initiatives creating new ways to use digital sources and bring history closer to the public.

Organizers and hosts: Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Belgrade and Historical Archives of Belgrade



ABSTRACTS of the conference



We reserved a limited contingent of rooms at the three hotels mentioned below. All of them are located in the city centre and just a stone´s throw from the convention´s venue. Please make sure to use the code “ICARUS Convention” upon booking to be eligible for the special rates as indicated.

  1. Belgrade Art Hotel **** 85€ per night
  2. Hotel Majestic **** 65€ per night
  3. Hotel Le Petit Piaf *** 60€ per night



ICARUS Convention – Sittard (NL) – postponed to 2021 @ Sittard
Jun 8 – Jun 10 all-day


… postponed to spring 2022…


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