ICARUS-Meeting #18

10/17/2016 – 10/19/2016 all-day
Budapest City Archives
Teve u. 3
1139 Hungary

Budapest_City_Archives2Our second ICARUS network meeting of 2016 will take place in Budapest, hosted by the Budapest City Archives (HU), co-organized by the National Archives of Hungary and ICARUS within the EU-funded project “community as opportunity (co:op)“.

This meeting combines a variety of interesting topics:
  • Within our “Newbies Carousel” we will welcome some of our latest members to the ICARUS network. It is an honour to have colleagues from so many different countries and institutions participate and thus giving our network the chance of deepening knowledge exchange and broaden the horizon of the future of archives in the digital age.
  • Our “Companies Market”, recently initiated within the Friends Association ICARUS4all, gives companies as corporate partners within ICARUS4all the space to present their services that support archival institutions on their path into the digital future and thus their adaption to new requirements on the part of society. Archival experts and company representatives can map out possible teamwork and future projects.
  • The international conference on “Hungaricana … and beyond” will introduce various aspects of the common website of Hungarian Archives, Museum and Libraries and lead on to further archival activities across Europe. “Hungaricana” is the common website of Hungarian Archives, Museums and Libraries will give valuable insights into the Hungarian Archival Landscape. “Hungaricana” is operated by the Library of the Parliament and aims to give access to the cultural heritage of Hungary through a single online access point. Amongst the over 100 content providers are also the Budapest City Archives, the National Archives of Hungary as well as the National Museum of Hungary.
  • The workshop session “Copyright issues concerning archiving and making available of digital heritage” – organized within the EU-funded project “co:op” – will specifically highlight those copyright issues that arise during archiving and provision of protected cultural property. In doing so, the relevant aspects of digitization or duplication of copyrighted works come to play an important role that needs to be explored. These cultural assets should subsequently be made publicly available in a digital format in order to ensure the widest possible distribution. However, this usage is another exclusive right of the rights holders of cultural property which is why this topic should also be discussed with a solution-oriented perspective.
  • Furthermore, the “co:op” project partners will come together in order to koordinate their project activities. Additionally, current project ideas within the ICARUS network will be progressed.

More information on the detailed programme available via the link below.