ICARUS Lecture #8: Monasterium with Georg Vogeler!

On September 20th, Georg Vogeler, Digital Humanities professor at Graz University and founding member of Monasterium Platform since its very beginning,  gave ICARUS Online Lecture #8 on the future and further development of Monasterium. 

After a short overview on the platform’s history, record figures, progressive expansion and achievements Prof. Vogeler shared with participants his view for Monasterium’s future, the technical updating plans and new features, inviting to join this new exciting phase of innovation and acquisition of new charters.   

The session was being held in English and is available on  ICARUS YouTube channel 

Next ICARUS Online Lectures, dealing with the European Digital Treasures project exhibitions, will take place on September 26th, October 3rd and 10th! Stay tuned!