Publicity: Invitation to join

Information from visitors is an especially valuable addition within local historic areas. Visitors can answer questions online and participate and upload data as guest Topothequers: Let the crowd work!

Not alone: The community!

A newsletter keeps all Topothequers up to date. Bloggers and Topothequers’ get together and create a forum for discussion for all those interested in exchanging experiences and suggestions. Content related and technical support is available at all times.

topothek-3The foundation

The Topotheque’s cooperation with regional and local organizations, as well as their connection to the network of archives gives the Topotheque the strength to grow. This cooperation is the foundation that secures the maxim of the Topotheque sustainably: to allow free access to local history sources.

The work, which facilitates said maxim is mainly achieved by volunteers. The joy of making the material and knowledge available is the catalyst of the Topotheque.

We are looking forward to our cooperation!