The collaborative online archive for the public to save the local, historically relevant material and knowledge that is kept in private hands with a European perspective.


The Topotheque makes the historic heritage of Europe freely available online – always on top of the current technological possibilities of database collections: search by keywords, date and location. There are already various Topotheques throughout Europe which allows for the comparison of specifically regional historic traditions on a European level. This ways the multi-facetted and joint aspects of everyday life can be experienced. As virtual collection the Topothque is continuously able to expand – there is no limit to page count nor editorial deadline.

Easy implementation, yet fit for research

The entry structure is kept simple on purpose and includes the interface for research programmes (ISAD/G). This way the preconditions for further use of the entered data in museums’ and archives’ programmes such as “imdas” and “augias” are set.

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