About us

The church registers

… are the most valuable sources for genealogic research. They keep information about liturgical actions such as christenings, weddings and funerals. Church registers are witnesses to liturgical life as well as state-run administration. For a long time they have been the only directory that documented the development of a parish’s population. Therefore, they constitute a unique source of information for the Early Modern Ages and the 19th century. They provide the basis for many historical questions: from home town research, information on one’s own ancestors, to medical-historic investigations.

The effects

Parhishes and archives dispersed regionally no longer need to be visited individually or in-person. Now, research can be done in a time- and cost-saving manner, from home.

The aims

The most consulted and researched historical sources are the church registers of the individual religious communities. matricula-online.eu offers an innovative entry that enables a transnational access to these important historic sources.

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In order to secure the services of matricula-online.eu, this infrastructure is being supported by the European Union, counties and dioceses.

At present the web-site is undergoing a pilot project phase, during which we aim to gather feedback and information about the needs of our users. We are therefore pleased to receive feedback of any kind to matricula@icar-us.eu.