Appenzeller Landbücher (CH)

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CHThe Law Sources Foundation of the Swiss Lawyers Society – a research institution that has been publishing sources of old law up to 1798 in the collection of Swiss law sources (SSRQ) for more than 100 years – now also provides the digitized edition of the oldest “Appenzeller Landbuch” (CH) via “collections” on

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The first volume of the legal sources of the cantons of Appenzell, the “Appenzeller Landbücher” (SSRQ AR/AI 1) by Nathalie Büsser was published in print within the collections of Swiss Law Sources. The retro-digitized version of the print version was published online in 2011 on the XIII. department of the SSRQ. The FrameMaker-data was converted into XML format, fully annotaed with TEI markups. The digitized version of the first “Appenzeller Landbuch” was published online in 2013. This version is equal to the version now available on