Digital diplomatics. The computer as a tool for the diplomatist?


Antonella Ambrosio, Sébastien Barret und Georg Vogeler (Eds.)
Digital diplomatics. The computer as a tool for the diplomatist?,
Köln, Böhlau, 2014
(Beihefte zum Archiv für Diplomatik, Schriftgeschichte, Siegel- und Wappenkunde, 14)
1 October 2014

digital diplomaticsNo technology since the introduction of photography had such an impact on questions and methods of diplomatics as the computer had. This book discusses the methodological consequences of doing diplomatic research on huge corpora and fast text mining technologies. It gives examples of how to enlarge the digitised charter corpus and demonstrates research applying information technology on medieval and early modern charters asking pure diplomatic questions as well as doing historical or philological research.

And here’s a bit from the introduction: “We especially appreciated the enthusiasm and the professionalism of the young members of the ENArC working group of the University Federico II in organizing the conference: Luca Aiello, Maria Rosaria Falcone, Alfonso Gentile, Ciro Romano, Enza Russo, Angelica Parisi, Stefania Persico, Concetta Prisco and Barbara Trenca.”

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